Tôn-Thất An

Tôn-Thất An is a French born Vietnamese singer, composer, songwriter and pianist.

His father, the composer Tôn-Thất Tiêt (known for his scores for the Trân Anh Hung films, Scent of green Papaya, Cyclo…) got him to study piano and music theory when he was a young child. Under the alias of ‘Aaken’, he released his first solo effort Circlesong (2005) and Hyperbody (2010), which blend alternative pop, classical music, electronic, rock, Indian music, his Asian roots and a cinematographic approach to music and a second album.

He developed as a composer for the stage in the late 90’s, first for the theatre, then more significantly for dance: for W.h.a. (2003), with Régine Chopinot and Jean-Paul Gaultier, with Gang Peng for his hip-hop contemporary ballet Sur le Fil (2007), and with Japanese choreographer Jo Kanamori on NINA - materialize sacrifice (2005), PLAY 2 PLAY (2007), and Les Contes d’Hoffmann (The Tales of Hoffmann) (2010).


He also composed the score of Auntie (2008), a musical play by Taiwan based “Theatre Company of Lee Qing Zhao the Private” which was reprised the following year in Beijing.

Now based in Asia, he has worked with Huang-yi on Symphony Project (2010), and is collaborating with Taiwanese fashion designer Johan Ku on The Hole (2011) a conceptual short film directed by Tsai Ming-Liang, and a series of 10 short films, which present Johan Ku’s new autumn/winter collection and blend fashion, contemporary dance and music. The 10 films are being shown this summer in Taipei during the ‘Stay Real Dreams’ exhibition.