Year: 2011

Date: 11 March

Project: Shall we dance? : Taipei Exchange Programme


Internationally acclaimed dancer, Sheu Fang-yi, prepared a triple bill together with her team and three local participants who travelled with her to Taipei, consisting of two dance pieces created from scratch by the Taiwanese dance master, and a third one conceived by ingenious choreographer Lin Hwai-min.


The three pieces to be performed are eclectic and our dance lovers will have the privilege to attend the world premiere of two new choreographies created by Fang-yi. “Oneness”is a gentle yet impressive reflection on the female body, which creation concept started from exquisite hand movements. “Just” is a metropolitan and common points between different dance types revealing the uniqueness of each dancer. “Moon Water” choreographed by Lin Hwai-min, is a stunning solo physical expressivity on this celebration of feminine beauty and elegance.